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Strike Rescue: Strike Rescue Kits

Strike Rescue Kits

Be organized and prepared to go with our standardized Strike Rescue Kits. Each kit has a specific purpose and is readily deployable in Pelican Cases to go anywhere in the world in a moments notice.

We formulate our kits with the most up-to-date materials and equipment on the market. All of the shopping has been done and you or your team will have everything they need to perform rescues.

Breakdown of Strike Rescue Kits:

Team Kits

You’ll want the Individual Kit for every member of your team.

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Online Payments

We update our kits regularly based on equipment changes and upgrades, but we will follow up to make sure that your kits are always up-to-date.

Where are these kits useful?
Fire Departments that want to perform non-urban/wilderness rescue, military operations, Search and Rescue teams, tower rescue, personal, etc.

Organization goes a long way in speeding up the process of a rescue. Strike Rescue Kits are exactly what you need.

Strike Rescue is a distributor of